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Pagan Pride Day 2013

Yesterday, Saturday March 16th, the committee met at a home in Arlington to discuss several topics in our plans for Pagan Pride Day 2013. We have been researching venues in Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas to try to locate one that will be best suited for vendors, attendees and all others in space, basic needs, rental costs, allowed activities (ie. amplified music, open flames, vending, electricity accessibility, etc.) We are looking at Saturday September 28th or Saturday October 5th to hold the event and lots of things are developing. Please stay tuned here as I have more information I can share with everyone. Soon there will be email addresses set up for the committee members who are in charge of the various functions involved such as vendors, entertainment, promotion, coordination, etc.

Our committee is made up of volunteers from many various traditions represented in our community and is not about any one particular group or person. It is our goal to have a fair and balanced representation of the local Pagan Community involved in all aspects of planning this event on a year to year basis. If you would like to help us, we would love to have you!

A Facebook Page will be launched soon. Look for a link to it to be posted here.

Thank you and many Blessings To All!

Troy Young – Promotions Committee Member PPD 2013


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In The Works:

  • A Children’s Area – With Fun Projects and Activities
  • Entertainment – Bands, Dancers, Circus Performers… Contact
  • Food – Maybe Barbeque?
  • Workshops – Any Volunteers? Contact
  •  Rituals – 3 Throughout The Day
  • Flyer Ad Spots – Sponsors Get Mentioned at $20
  • Program Ad Spots
  • Information Booth
  • Vendors – $50 per 10×10 Space: Contact
  • Both A Canned Food and A Blood Drive
  • Fund Raising Events – Raffle, Open Mic, Baked Goods, Soup and Sandwiches, Etc.
  • Facilities Contact: