Who Is Doing This?

The simple answer is WE ARE. Who is WE? Well, we are a group of volunteers from several different Pagan groups within the DFW area who decided to get together and make this happen again. WE are dedicated to running this thing by committee so it is not about any one person or one group but, to the best of our ability, represents a fair and balanced approach to organizing and running this event for the entire Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding area Pagan Community. WE welcome your opinions, ideas and offers of help and support because WE want to see people of Pagan, Heathen and Earth Centered Spiritual paths have a day to shine. A day to be proud of who and what they are and the Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors and Kindred they believe in.

All paths are welcome. The PPD committee organizing this event has spent considerable effort extending invitations to the Pagan organizations of which it is aware.If you would like to be part of the WE please get in touch…

What Charities Are You Helping?

In 2013 we had a bus from Carter Blood Care taking blood donations on site as well as a canned food drive benefiting SoupMobile.

Our 2014 charities are yet to be determined.

What’s all this Pagan stuff about anyway?

For one of the best answers we’ve seen in a long time to some common questions asked of Pagans by folks who just found out a friend, family member or co-worker is Pagan have a look at this excellent article from About.com entitled Ten Things Pagans Want You To Know.

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